About us

VIKIS Ltd. has been founded in 1991 and since the beginning of its foundation has been occupied in energetic. The main task of the company is to implant new effective systems which are available to save energy.

After careful analyze of present heating systems we have noticed that energy losses arise because of thermofication water circulation, badly balanced account of inside heating system and absence of regulation system.

That is why we got in touch with firms which produce modern devices for energy account, regulation systems, circulation pumps and devices for balancing. We have started to utilize and disseminate production of these firms in Lithuania. Thus VIKIS Ltd. began to represent and still represents well-known western firms in Lithuania, such as "Odin control systems", "Raab Karcher energy service" (Germany),  "Clorius", "Grundfos", "Ballomax" (Denmark), "Pettinaroli" (Italy) which produce production of high quality and reliability.

VIKIS Ltd. designs, produce, adjusts modern thermal compartment and new-fashioned heating systems. We use reliable production of the mentioned and other firms in projecting systems what enables to distribute and utilize optimally thermal energy in order to heat house or prepare hot water.

Designed thermal compartment may be dependet or independet, heating systems may be ordinary or with floor and so on.

We project as well industrial boiler-houses up to 15MW power with boiler for heating water, which are arranged by modulated principle. Projects mention above are being adjust with responsible organizations. Quality of designed systems is appraised by adjusting them and later by observing their exploatation and by continuous co-operation with former clients.

Contact us vikis@energija.lt